Sunday, September 27, 2009

The New DICE iPod Integration Kit Lets You Listen to Your iPod in the Car

Many fans of the latest music that have invested in smart access that comes with an MP3 player, listen to their favorite tunes on the way to work, school or wherever you need to go. The most popular of these mp3 player is undoubtedly the Apple iPod. IPods Apple has several consumers to buy, including the new iPod Touch. In order to listen even more convenient for consumers, many companies are coming out with iPod accessories such as speakers specialized practical case, and a variety of covers and covers to choose to do an iPod become a regular source of amusement individualized. Perhaps the most common accessories purchased today, however, are adapters for the iPod in the car. Apple came out with car adapters to choose from, but many companies are coming out with their car adapters compatible with Apple's iPod. One of the newest market for DICE iPod kit for integration. One of the biggest advantages of having a DICE iPod car kit is the integration of accessibility and usability. It only works with the iPod, but also many other brands and types of MP3 players e. So if you have not invested in an iPod yet, but you are interested in the DICE kit, you may have to run out and buy a shuffle or nano. You may be able to use the mp3 player you already have. Another great feature of the DICE kit is that you can control your iPod from your car stereo, the iPod's controls, steering wheel (depending on vehicle), or any combination of the three. You can choose the control method is easier for you, while you're concentrating on the road. And if all the work for you, its so easy to use all three. An incredible advantage of using a dice game and "sound quality that offers the comfort of your car. The sound was described by the manufacturers and consumers as CD-quality and higher quality. That the high quality sound your car will continue for the time to listen, since the DICE kit also charges your iPod or other MP3 player automatically, using the car battery. Also, if you have a vehicle equipped with a video screen on the dashboard, can be able to get video from your iPod to your car. Although not recommended for driving while watching a video feed from your iPod, passengers can enjoy the show. It is also possible to pull to one side of the road and see a movie, having the opportunity to relax during a long way and perhaps tedious. Although the team at DICE iPod integration is a worthwhile investment for many consumers, there are other options for music lovers to choose from. Apple sells its iPod adapters for the car, and there are many companies selling car adapter kits to work with almost any MP3 player, so it probably uses a hard time finding the right one for your vehicle.

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  1. Great article! I researched this myself a few months ago and ended up getting an adapter for my Ford from but I did see the DICE adapters on that site too.... when I talked to DICE about my ford they explained that they are a Europen and support European and Asian vehicles but not USA vehicles.

    These direct connect adapters are only available for the iPod so dont even bother looking for ZUNE ones unless you want AUDIO only and no control or power or other features.

    Thanks again for the great article!