Friday, September 25, 2009

SUZUKI Grand Vitara Car DVD Player built in GPS navigation TV bluetooth USB SD

Contact information: ICQ: 497307366MSN: playerav (at) hotmail comYahoo: szutility (a) cnSkype com Yahoo: suavcardvdAOL: suav2009E mail: sales6 (a) szutility comWebsite: www Suav DescriptionModel CN Net Product No.: CAV-8070GV 1) Completely Touch screen control, no buttons on the front panel 2) Built in GPS system (dual zoom, music or the radio operating in GPS mode) 3) fresh and unique design of the graphical user interface 4) Built in Bluetooth for hands-free calls (the current mode will automatically switch to Bluetooth mode 5) when the incoming call, the calling and music to the phone can be used in devices after switch) Job Description: 1) 7inch 16 : 9 Motorized flip-down TFT LCD monitor. 2) (RGB) touch screen graphical user interface. 3) DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/MPEG4/DIVX/CD-R/WMA/JPEG 4) Full Touch Screen Control, no buttons on the front panel 5), built in TV tuner, PAL / NTSC or SECAM compatible 6) Built in FM / AM tuner 7) Built in GPS system, no need external GPS box 8) GPS (music or radio while GPS Navigation mode) 9) function GPS Navigation handwriting 10 ) Built in Bluetooth for hands-free calls 11) incorporated in445W amplifier of 12) 4-channel audio output 13) 1 A / V (1 video input, 2 audio), 1 A / V output (1 video , 4 audio). 14) Auto rear viewing function 15) mute your call 16) Picture adjustment (brightness, contrast, color, settings) 17) Card Size Full function remote control 18) With the high / medium / bass adjust function. 19), the corner of the screen / memory location 20) USB plug 21), two slots for SD 22) RCA Line Out 23) Electronic & mechanical anti-shock system

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