Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Amazingly Intelligent Toy - Zhu Zhu Pets a Huge Craze This Year

These cute hamsters are coming out this year and all the hype about to be a hit with young children. So what is it? Well artificially intelligent hamsters. This means that interactions are always different. Respond to the presence of others and their environment. When these cute hamsters enter a new part of their games for children are aware of the change and make the appropriate sounds to represent where I am today. For example, if you're in bed sleeping area, which kind of sounds like snoring. If you go in the bathroom shower area sounds or sounds of toilets, etc. Very nice. Formerly known as Go Go Pets resumed these toys as pets Zhu Zhu, for zooming around. Seem relatively life as a cartoon like the variation. They stuffed skin which makes them soft (great if your child is allergic to animal hair, but who want to stroke a pet). They have two game modes: one is a way to grow where they purr and COO of times your child feels like petting and hugs, there is also an adventure mode where you Zhu Zhu PET scan their environment and make the mechanics of sound intelligent and appropriate to their environmental actions to be inches with a lot of hamsters and different personalities can create a whole new world for them to play and live. A lot to add in the unit given the opportunity to explore and children's play areas to build new and interesting. There is a car that can drive around (and, of course, make sounds of cars). They have a bed and a blanket you can put to sleep and, of course, will be snoring. Your environment consists of the full game that can change everything for the change. With additional sections that you can buy, like a machine, and the implementation of the wheels, pushing a ball through its leads. surfboards, spiral slide and ramp, Funhouse, and a skate board ramp and U-Turn. There's a lot to offer.

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