Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Apple iPod is a great learning and resource tool as well!

Using the iPod to gain knowledge quickly and effectively, there is no doubt that Apple's iPod has become a common element among the youth of today as a good music player. But the iPod is more than a music player? In fact, the iPod is more than a music player. It is also a great teaching and learning tool as well. And it's guaranteed to help you learn quickly. Audio Books Besides music, the iPod also has audio books. These are essentially books that has become an audio format and saved as MP3 files. From a technical standpoint, there is no difference in format between a music file or a book, you can download and play the same audio book on your computer or iPod. It opens to a library of "books" for your iPod. These may include many great books are in the public and downloaded for free. There are also many good commercial 'books', which can be purchased at a low price. These audio books are great, since you can play again and again by car, train or plane. It is a good way to kill time and knowledge acquired at the same time. The best of audio books is that you do not need to read. That the book read to you and this can be a great improvement for learning while driving or sitting in a dilapidated bus or train. You've also heard of podcasting podcasting? If you do not have the files, it is just audio sent by individuals or companies covering interest topics ranging from music, technology, current affairs, news, politics, cars, sales and marketing, electronics, fashion to many other interesting niche areas. Then put these files in some places on the Internet audio podcast. Most podcasts are free and can be downloaded and treat them as audio books. Similarly, you can subscribe and organize these podcast on iTunes computer and then synchronize with your iPod. It is also a good way to gain knowledge while driving or taking transport to school or work. What podcasts are quickly gaining popularity today is video. Video podcasts are essentially the video files can be downloaded and again, encompasses a vast range of arguments. (In fact, I'm learning to plan my podcast to see a video podcast of this subject.) However, you can only see a video podcast on your computer or iPod model latest video. All previous iPod models will not be able to play videos. With the video iPod, you can also send the video signal to a standard TV and see all the podcasts on TV too. What's more, you can watch, pause, rewind or repeat these audio or video podcasts, and often pleasure. What better way to learn? So who says that iPods are intended only for music?

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