Thursday, October 22, 2009

Are You Just TOO Busy to Read a Good Book?

Today, many people are extremely active. We juggle career, family and leisure - sipping coffee to stay awake while watching a television program or terminate a business relationship - when we should be sleeping peacefully. Who has time to read more? Audio books and more books have been published in audio format. You can download online in MP3, WMA, or proprietary formats. Major online booksellers such as Amazon sell audio productions on CD - but there are a lot of free resources, as well! Try searching the Internet, such as free audio books free books on CD recordings of free books you will find thousands of websites! Some sites offer public domain classics, complete from cover to cover. Try similar searches below to find thousands of hours of Free: Free Audio Robinson Crusoe tale of two cities audio What? You do not have time to listen to books on O? Everyone has time. If you own a small WMA or MP3 with earphones, you can hear in the performance of activities such as going to work by car, bus or subway, while cleaning the house bathroom breaks in a row in the bank or the ATM Automatic long wait to download onto your computer weed the garden, shoveling snow and running exercise each time you perform repetitive tasks, you can connect and listen. If you usually fall asleep to a TV in the bedroom at night, consider switching to audio recordings, however. Safety First There are some important steps you should take to protect your hearing and to avoid accidents. Be very careful when setting the volume level. Must be only one or two degrees above the point where the effort is necessary to hear what is said. If you use headphones or noise-canceling headphones, or the type of memory, reducing the noise of the foam, is sure he can hear things like the telephone and smoke alarm (while at home) or sirens ambulances and horns (while driving). Never listen when the activities of city traffic while browsing or that require concentration. Create your own team records operating system probably has a built-in function for recording audio CDs and convert everything into MP3 or WMA. WMA is more compact than MP3, and there are many audio players that support both formats. You can also find freeware and shareware that converts to / from WAV, MP3, WMA and other proprietary formats. Try a search like this: convert MP3 WMA This recording is too strong, but I can hardly hear the rest! You will have wide fluctuations in volume when downloaded from the Internet and, even when you create your own recordings. However, there is software that quickly match the volume of all your MP3 to a predetermined level. MP3Gain is a free Windows program that works very efficiently. There are other programs, as well, including MacMP3Gain. Try searching: MP3 Gain MacMP3Gain match the volume of MP3 audio books make great gifts audio books are excellent gifts for almost any occasion. Why? You can find audio recordings of nearly all subjects - including language lessons, alphabet rhymes for children, programs for the management of the company, "as" titles and soundtracks for movies. The books are dead? I firmly believe that there will always be a place for books - including print, Internet, or electronic book reader. And to keep in touch with one of the greatest art forms - literature. Take a few minutes from time to time to live and enjoy the view expressed in the words of the great artists of the literature of today and yesterday. Author's note: Try internet searches below - or visit the Rate for 1 items multiple items. Kathy also has some online short stories in English translation into German in parallel.

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