Sunday, October 18, 2009

Audio Books: The Evolution Of Reading?

What is the audio book? Audio book is actually a kind of technological break through, but it is becoming increasingly popular among readers. Audio book is as simple as someone, usually called the narrator, reading the content inside the book and recorded digitally. It's been a long time a go that the audio was recorded books on tape, but today, the evolution of digital media has come so far, then we have books and DVD audio CD digital. Audio books have been introduced to help blind people can read books without problems. But later, audio books have become popular with everyone, not just strictly for the blind. Many of today's books, particularly history books usually accompanied by an audio CD of its contents. It also seems that audio books are also becoming increasingly popular among readers for many reasons. But most important is undoubtedly the convenience. Do not worry if you do not have enough time to read his favorite book, because you're too busy to read it. You can bring your audio book with a CD or DVD and you can listen to and track any time you like, even in the car while driving. Other advantages of audio books is when you're reading a traditional pocket, you have absolutely no chance of performing other tasks simultaneously, but with an audio book, this barrier has been demolished. Especially for children who love to read their favorite stories and most of these books now have the audio version for children. This makes the children enjoy most of your listening, especially when sitting with their parents and listen together. However, we know that the Internet now governs our lives, each spend about one third of our time while browsing the Internet, per day, and are able to buy and download millions of audio books online, without waiting for that 2 -3 weeks if shipping if purchased online to compare a traditional document back. Some schools have already used some of the audio books in class, and no longer use the pocketbook. The reason is that the use of the audio is very easy to maintain and store. No matter how good or if it is, audio books will not be damaged because if, unlike the paper version, as it is the key to making corrupt. However, there is an opinion and the argument of many people, especially parents if used audio books too, that the reading skills their children have gone or not properly developed?. Because if you like listening to audio books and make reading less, never like to read in traditional ways. Some experts have said there are many ways to practice the reading skills of children and this problem is something that parents should not worry. They also give some advice that the mother should take into account the number of books and audio equipment for their children. For most favorite books for children, parents should have the audio version for them and make them listen instead of read. This will make them enjoy your most favorite books. But for some textbooks or other books, parents should have a paper version, the tradition of their children to improve reading skills of children reading.

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