Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Audio Cassette: The Legacy Lives On

The records were once among the most valuable assets of individuals. They were the only way you can listen to your favorite tunes in the comfort of your home. Many people have a tremendous number of documents, and were the best technology currently available. However, the records have been exposed to damage, and always painful to find your favorite had been deleted. Then the tape was introduced to the public. This form has been far more durable. Then she brought a touch of the new additions, all were able to record your tapes! This opened the door to all sorts of experimentation. People can record their own music, lectures or just anything that seemed stupid. This new compact music recording also took the Walkman revolution. Now, young people were able to take their music with them strong. This was revolutionary! Previous to this music as much as had been or was a portable radio in the car or boom box. This allowed the Walkman portable music to be heard by the user. What a relief! There was a big problem with the audio-cassette had no way to move forward or backward in a reliable manner on the tape. If you want to skip a particular song, like, for example, should move quickly beyond it, and I do not go too far and must turn back, or is not listening enough and not attacked the Song liked it. But this does not mean that tape is dead. Even with the invention of the CD and MP3, there are those who swear that the audio cassette. Some even moved into the area of digital audio tapes. It's just that most of our society has chosen to go to inventions such as the iPod. We gave the increase of the Gaza antique set, will always have a special place in our hearts for tapes that have allowed us to be our DJ's. But now that all the back covers and MP3 player that really let the art out. However, we will not forget.

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