Sunday, October 18, 2009

Car Insurance - How Secure Is Your Vehicle?

It seems that car crime is decreasing according to statistics released by the Ministry of Interior. The theft of vehicles fell by 51% since 1997, but considering the fact that still amounts to some 1.7 million vehicles stolen last year, we have a long way to go. The person at average risk that your vehicle stolen, he currently resides in a figure, once in 107 years. This is misleading to think that the safe, but his car stolen only once in your life can be a nightmare and something you should try to avoid. Consider this: the older the car easier and more likely to be stolen. In fact, cars account for over 9 years by two thirds of all vehicles stolen. New cars safety systems between 0-3 years are much more sophisticated. This shows a direct correlation statistics show that the age of stolen vehicles to take into account only 11% of stolen vehicles. Overwhelming 68% of vehicle crimes occur at home, 43% discount on the road alone. As you can see, this is very relevant and important. The first thing we have to deal with auto insurance, the average number of issues related to theft of property or loss of vehicle renewal premium increases and can be a time consuming process. What you can do to prevent stealing items from his vehicle and the vehicle itself, therefore, certainly a lot of time and money. You should check the level of coverage for items such as car navigation and entertainment systems. You can find this is an area where you need to take cover, it is noted that some insurance companies may add a bolt-on to areas without coverage, allowing you to perfectly fit your policy. If you have a classic car you must take special precautions and consider parked and locked when not in use. Cars over 12 years are the easiest and most likely to be stolen, a theft rate of 22 vehicles stolen per 1,000 registered vehicles. Specific classic car insurance is always easier to find and the good news is that many companies are now exclusively for the creation of policies to address them. So what can be done to secure your car if it is 1 year, 10 or classical music? To start, make sure security windows, doors, boot and sunroof when leaving the car. This may seem like common sense, but it is easy to forget. You can make your vehicle safer to have had a lock installed professionally. Make sure it is Thatcham approved or sold insurance as this will help reduce auto insurance premium. If you do not have a lock and can not afford the expense of having a fully equipped kitchen, a cheaper option you can mount a blockade of the steering wheel to help immobilize your vehicle mechanically. Something you can not always be taken into account in our car are the wheels. If your vehicle has alloy wheels very costly, particularly relevant in vintage cars, set locking bolts as possible to prevent theft. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to assemble, quickly getting the wheels are secure. On the inside of the car and your belongings, make sure not to leave objects in sight. If you have a navigation system, make sure to remove the base, especially if the window and clean the spots of the vacuum. Check any audio equipment to make it easier to trace if stolen. Also you can have your registration number etched on all windows and even the headlights as it could help police recover your vehicle if stolen. Finally, if you have a spare set of keys to ensure they never leave them at the door or near a window of his house. This could make it very easy for a thief to steal your car, if access to your home. Actually, this is becoming a popular method among car thieves, because of the appearance of the best car security systems.

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