Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cool Flash Drives: What's New

Lately, more than ever flash drive and serves more than one purpose. Now you can find a flash drive that has an MP3 player, a knife, even flash drives that are bullet proof and waterproof. This opens the field for almost all who need some form of data storage or additional entertainment throughout the day. Even if a particular flash drive does not contain an MP3 player can store music on the device to listen on any computer. In addition, car audio systems have more USB ports to add music in mp3 format. For those who are in the market for the first is still a new replacement flash drive, here are some types of what is available. These particular ToughDrive flash units are ideal for harsh conditions. The degree of chips used in these flash memory drives are usually military that can operate in extreme temperatures and vibration. Moreover, most of these flash drives have some sort of water resistance. The ToughDrive is not only great for field staff, but also users with children who are prone to cause destruction. Ask any parent and most likely you will hear at least one story of how her son destroyed some electronic device. Biometrics Some people need extra security when storing your information. Maybe you have some pictures that do not want anyone to see or some important business files. Whatever the case, a good biometric flash drive is more likely that the best answer. Biometrics Flash Drive not only stores information, but also has a thumb or fingerprint scanner built into the device. You can also use this type of flash drive for other files and programs on your computer. Credit Card Flash Drives If you are a workaholic, part of the crowd, then chances are that your wallet is equivalent to a. Face it, there's not much space in your wallet or purse so much more and in some cases simply storing a toothpick could be late filing of trust. Flash Unit credit card are more or less exactly what they sound like. Photo of a credit card sized piece of plastic that has a perfect curve of the form of a USB port. That's all. Not only is it convenient flash drives in terms of size, but also a large amount of storage. Storage may vary depending on model, but most credit cards will have 1 gigabyte flash drive data. For those who need some more data storage space, but also for his music in his way, a disc of MP3 Flash Player is the answer. These cool flash drives are not only able to hold regular data, but also plays MP3 and formatted data. This is a great gift for any college student, since they contain not only a form of entertainment, but also the means to store jobs, reports, etc..

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