Thursday, October 22, 2009

Get to Know Your Subwoofers!

Once there is a good head unit installed in a vehicle is time to start looking to add a subwoofer (s) to give your system that extra stroke. The first thing to consider is the amount of space available is sufficient for the subwoofer in the car and he adds more than just take a little there. There are some things to check before buying something, the first thing to determine is what size woofer is expected to take at the subwoofer is generally considered anything above 8in and usually require an amplifier to power them. The next thing to try is amplifier that would be used to power them. You own a home you will be using or if you buy one with their subs? Often identify an amplifier first to know what kind of power rating you are seeking in a series of woofers. The next step is to determine whether it will be a single or dual voice coil subwoofer installation. Basically, the coil is the speaker's voice, is a coil of wire connected to the speaker cone, when you add the voltage signal and produces a magnetic field that reacts with the magnet to move the speaker cone of sound production. Single voice coil is all that sounds, that is, a single coil of a series of connectors on the back of sub to positive and negative, and there is much you can do in order to connect them. A double roll is similar, except that two groups of coils and two sets of connectors on the back that makes them much easier to wire in many different situations. In short, do a little research on what best fit the settings and the amount of space you have to work with

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