Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Portable MP3 Player Based Education

A revolution in learning technology has taken place. In fact, it happened a few years ago, and I'm just now catching up. The reason is that anybody connect the dots for me, and I think it's a little 'slow. :) This is the added value, I command you today. Connecting the dots for you, if you have not yet made the connection. MP3 players have become big business. The most popular of these, of course, is the iPod, but you can find many other brands with lots of different features to choose from. Mainly it is customary for entertainment - music on the go, listen to the podcast of your favorite artists, and so on. But the real breakthrough for people in the rise of mobile telephony is a vision of education that you can bring your laptop most anywhere. I received as a birthday gift, Creative MuVo TX FM. If you receive this, and if you have heard anything like mine, be prepared to spend another $ 10 for a decent set of headphones, for those who come with physical damage to my ears. Not always - some pain temporarily. And I'm not in pain, I went to my local Radio Shack and got his "Three in One" package - which includes 3 sets of headphones, as I said, about $ 10. OK - so that an MP3 player is "dot" number 1. "Dot" number 2 is that you can find a large number of MP3 audio files for teaching almost anything. And you can download the files on your computer. And the computer, you can transfer files to your MP3 player. For example, one of the sites that belong in which I participate, there is an mp3 of an interview with Brian Keith Voiles, an editor acknowledged master. I had to file on my computer for ages. Lisening never got it. Now it's my little MuVo and started listening, and - well, I'm in front of me. Let's ... "Dot" number 3 is that you can get an adapter (I Got Mine, also from Radio Shack) to play these audio files through the car speakers. Beautiful! Now, as the unit around on errands, you can absorb in the comfort of my car, wihtout breaking any laws, information from experts in copywriting, or self-help coaches, and more. I spend a considerable amount of time in the car, so I really increases my productivity. but is not over yet ... "Dot" # 4 - My MuVo little let me go to bed, and keep listening and drift off to the Land of Nod ... without disturbing my wife! I walk around the house, going to work, and all sorts of different things - and continue studying. Finally - I bought the unit also allows me to record ideas on the fly and play with them. I have not fully tested this, so I'm not sure about the sound quality - is fit for the game for you on my site? I'll experiment and report to you. The MuVo cost me around $ 149 plus tax and shipping charges apply regardless. Add new headphones (a must, I am sad to say) and car adapter, and is looking at a total cost of about $ 180. This may seem like a lot of money, but if you spend much time doing things like driving around mentally deadly errands or working out, while the gym playing the latest music call for one can not think - Well, this can be an incredible value. I recommend the MuVo (headphones dependencies), but look around. A lot of people a guarantor for the iPod. And other by something called Zen. You'll find lots of options, including price. Something is bound to work for you. And once you - beware. You brain is just exploding with new wealth of information to be absorbed without pain. =================== This article can be reproduced as long as intact, unchanged and include this resource box. Bal Simon will help transform their ideas into money. Visit You can contact Bal on

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