Saturday, October 10, 2009

Setting Up A Surround Sound Audio System For Your Car

For decades, people have always pushed their car radios to the limit in order to produce the best sound possible. Car Rental our grandparents with their AM radio bulky and full of static gave way to stereo FM broadcasts and tapes of the game from our parents. Now, automakers are going digital with the use of CD players not only that, but satellite radio compatible with MP3 playback. The latest and hottest trend of growth in car audio is now the idea of systems of surround speakers. The idea behind this is that all the speakers set in the car and the sound system you have in your living room. There is a reason why everyone wants one on his car. It is simply incredible. Here's how you can go to bring this film to sound fun experience to work every day.
  • One of the first targets for the list is to find a music head, which allows cable into a surround processor. Since the processor will be digital, the main unit must provide a digital signal. You will also need fiber optic cables. They are used to transmit digital signals between components. If you had bought a beautiful head of unit, but not able to provide digital signals, get a CD changer, fiber link. Connect the processor to the CD changer, but remember that the unit will not have a surround effect when playing a CD. You can always select a surround processor that converts RCA signal to digital.
  • Make sure the car is equipped with a CD changer end and / or DVD drive that plays the software that comes with surround sound signal.
  • You have to install a five-channel amplifier capable of providing power to the front speakers, rear speakers and subwoofer. Each corner of the car, and the subwoofer is a separate channel.
  • The center channel should have a 4 - to 6-inch midrange and tweeter. This type of partnership must be in its own enclosure and placed in the center of the dashboard of the car.
  • Now need an amplifier to run the center channel speaker. You can get by with two amplifiers canal bridge player, but contains a unique electronic crossover, which can be external or built for the amplifiers.
  • Now is about to begin installation of the speakers who will be in the four corners of the car. Some new vehicles already have places surround speakers are working perfectly fit. Older cars are a different story and requires a touch of imagination and some work. You will need to add a tweeter high on the pillar on the shoulder, while a midrange is used in the factory made opening the door.
  • Now that all speakers are in place, set the electronic crossover for the center channel. Not playing full range, but instead opt for around 80 Hz and optimum sound quality.
  • Once installed everything, adjust the system to find the perfect sound quality and volume for you. Playback amplifier gains and then the surround sound processor for all types of accommodations may be necessary.

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