Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sony Ericsson W660i: Supports Third Generation, High-speed Mobile Internet

Sony Ericsson W660i supports third-generation high speed mobile Internet. Thus, users of this phone has the latest news or call the technology enabled services and at the same time is able to surf the net at speeds much higher. Users will not face any problem with connectivity, and Sony Ericsson W660i define a new definition of long-term connectivity. The phone, Sony Ericsson W660i supports 3G high-speed Internet. This means that the third generation mobile networks, the mobile is under construction and is available, brings the convenience of wireless broadband Internet users.Fast data transfer speeds - up to 384 kbps - offers users a quick access and easy access to a world of video calls, audio and video streaming, web browsing, multimedia messaging and email, all at once. The Sony Ericsson W660i is capable of performing multiple tasks. The user can receive and make calls while downloading audio and video without problems and the track. And there is a feature called the video of Sony Ericsson W660i, where the user can see the caller in the main screen, are also enabled to view it. This is a very important feature for the phone is upgrading business talks, and the friends and family just got a whole lot closer.The buyers will find an 'always' Internet connection with high speed data transfer . This provides more mobile Internet experience, making it practical to access large files or use complex remote services, no matter where you are. As mentioned above, the user can send or receive a file to your phone quickly and easily without interrupting your voice call. And there are many tasks, which means that users can talk while downloading or sharing of videos, games and music, so the fun is stop.It comes with a media player to transmit movie trailers, the latest sports news, videos music and more. It is for users to choose news and entertainment they want and have it delivered directly to your Sony Ericsson W660i.

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