Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Audio sample-rate converter integrates digital audio receiver, supports DVD, CD and broadcast formats.

New AKM chip simplifies programming and support for consumers and Professional Audio Systems. San Jose, California, August 4, 2003 โ € "Asahi Kasei Microsystems Semiconductor, Inc. (AKM), a leading provider of integrated circuits for professional audio applications and consumer markets today introduced the AK4122, a 2-channel 96 kHz frequency standard asynchronous Converter with a built-in digital audio interface (S / PDIF-response) for DVD, digital TV, PC and car audio / video applications. AK4122 The two channels of 96 kHz Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter ( SRC), which provides a standard combination of audio input ports and a digital audio interface for DVD recorders and audio / video equipment. Audio is usually converted into digital data at 32KHz, 44.1KHz (CD), 48kHz (DVD ), or 96 kHz (DVD-Audio), the rates of the sample. Digital signal processors typically use a single rate in the treatment of audio. To close the gap between signal processing and digital audio converters sampling frequency used. Converter AK4122 asynchronous sample rate can accept digital audio via standard interfaces DSP/I2S or S / PDIF or AES / EBU interfaces. Integration of AES / EBU interface saves space and reduces the cost of circuit system. AES / EBU section AK4122 offers the same performance as the currently marketed AK4112B, 96 kHz 24-Bit DIR including four innings (4.1) Selector. The AK4122 can also detect non PCM data streams like DTS and AC-3, while a CD Q subcode buffer allows the chip easy to read data CDs. The AK4122 built in PLL eliminates the need to provide an external master clock, and the SRC section offers two audio input ports and an output port. Price and Availability Available in 48-pin DIP extremely small, AK4122 engineering samples are already available. The part is priced at $ 4.21 in 1K quantities. evaluation boards and samples are available now directly from AKM. About AKM Asahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) is a world leader in CMOS mixed-signal IC for personal computer, professional audio, consumer electronics, automotive, and mobile phone. AKM is a subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Corporation . diversified technology, manufacturing and service companies. For more information, contact AKM Semiconductors, 2001 Gateway Place, Suite 650 West, San Jose, CA 95110 or call toll free (888) 256-7364 or 408-436 -- 8580. Visit our website company.

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