Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Car Audio Crossovers: Why You Can't Do Without Them

I heard the question many times before, 'Do I really need a crossover? Without losing time quickly answered: "Yes to do." Whether it's a passive crossover or an active crossover, audio system does not sound good without a crossover. Let me be very clear here, so before we talk about confusing what a car audio crossover, and why you need it. A crossover is a filtering device which limits the frequencies that reach a speaker. It splits a music signal in different frequency ranges and sends them to speakers that are designed to replicate the best of each frequency range. For example, only the high frequencies are sent to your tweeters, midrange speakers for midrange and bass for the subwoofer. The passive filter is very common. The is basically a capacitor or coil installed on the speaker leads between amplifier and speakers that for certain frequencies to achieve a speaker. E 'relatively cheap and easy to install. But for the car stereo system to perform better and be effective, need an active crossover, also known as an electronic crossover. E 'installed between the main unit or equalizer and amplifiers. Its electronic crossover sends its frequency range of each amplifier. Some people run three separate amps: one for bass, one for MID and the other for the treble. Crossover are almost infinitely adjustable. You can vary the crossover points and adjust the level of separate speakers to achieve the best overall sound of your vehicle. If you are serious sound you need a car audio crossover. Otherwise terrible sound system. Oh, what a mess will be when your subwoofer and midrange speaker to duplicate many of the same frequency, what happens when the mid-band speakers tries to take high notes that the tweeter is supposed to administer. You can stand the pain, I can not. And this is only the beginning of her sadness and pain. Because the frequencies are sent to the tweeters there will be no distortion. As a result of This distortion of the tweeters will be destroyed. Under Loud eventually destroy your mid-range speakers, too. Now you have to start from scratch and buy a new set of speakers, all because he started the wrong plan. Mantius Cazaubon is a successful author and publisher of, a resource of information and advice on buying car stereo and car audio products online.

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