Saturday, November 7, 2009

Do It Yourself SubWoofer Box, Is It Worth It?

Sure you can build your own subwoofer box - but what really saved?  First you need to design a subwoofer box and make sure everything is perfect. Then you have to drive into town to find the materials: wood (MDF), carpets, adhesives, caulking, and connectors (see the estimate of the cost of materials below).  Then cut the fabric, mount the box, subwoofer, so I hope everything comes together as expected (Murphy € ™ s the law does not tolerate).  The last thing I want to do is make mistakes and start over. Let € ™ s fair to assume that all is well up to this point in the project â € "now face the challenge of a rare form of carpet enclosure. best subwoofer you succeed and make the whole process in less than 10 hours â € "the best!  Now the weekend is half over when you can enjoy your tunes with our custom built, guaranteed to fit subwoofer icon box is not your time œspareâ € â € worth at least $ 15/hr? Subwoofer enclosure just installed costs only $ 150 + and that doesn t ™ € includes all materials *. Here â € ™ sa rough estimate of a conventional subwoofer enclosure DYI: * Estimate cost of materials: sheet of MDF = $ 25 AAAAAAAAAA aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tail = A $ 15 (high-end wood cola) Nails or staples aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa $ A = 5 (16 to 18 gauge), Terminal (s) = $ 3Caulk aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to seal the seams AAAAAAAA $ a = 5-Carpet  $ 35Total estimate the costs of materials $ 88.00 = tools working cost aaaaaaa Estimate $ 150 Required: table saw (ideal) Jig Saw (or router) Nail Gun (ideal) Hole Saw (for terminals) Subwoofer Boxes Clamps can be purchased online for a reasonable prices. Many companies build subwoofer enclosures for less money because these boxes are built hundreds of people at a time of templates. also save on material costs, why buy in bulk to wholesalers. You can easily customized for Car or Truck Subwoofer Enclosures Subwoofer Boxes online. For example, can select from a variety of subwoofer boxes. Subwoofer box theses are professionally designed and tailored to fit specific vehicle models. Therefore, before thinking about building your own subwoofer box, you may want to consider leaving the job to the professionals - enjoy your time, save money and get a better picture in process. subwoofer makes sense doesn € ™ t it?

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