Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Enjoy Driving With Audio Books

Did you know that a truck driver working in the legal limit in the U.S. can build up to 3432 hours of driving a year, almost 10 times higher than the average package York or enough to hear the full version audio book My Life by Bill Clinton 77 times? (Publishing Trends, Market Partners International, September 2005). Think about how audio books can optimize time management. Audio books can transform the day to 26 hours a day. Yes, audio books can add two hours each day. Still not convinced? Did you know that the average rush hour driver spends an additional 62 hours stuck in traffic stop, every year and more than 97 million workers drive alone to work every day. Be ', enough of that pile of useless data, what he thinks of himself - what he did while driving - listen to radio? Making unnecessary calls to the phone? Wasting precious time? Now close your eyes and imagine being able to read the latest edition of The New York Times, read the latest Harry Potter book or learn Chinese - all at the same time while driving the car. Now open your eyes and stop dreaming, you can do everything now. The only difference is that you are using a new method of reading - listening to audio books. And it's so easy: You can get audio books in different formats of books on tapes and audio books on CD audio books are downloadable. Can be obtained from different sources - libraries, books and music stores and online audio book sources. You could purchase audio books, audio books for rent and also get free audio books. EBrain According to a market survey, 71% of listeners to hear audio books on long trips. Believe me, I could not wait to get into the heavy morning traffic to listen to the audio book "IT" by Stephen King. In fact, I could not resist listening at home after work. I love audiobooks.

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