Friday, November 20, 2009

Guide to DVD Audio

DVD Audio is a music format that is designed to offer enhanced audio CD. The new audio format can be used to provide listeners with Advanced Resolution stereo technology and / or multi-channel (up to a maximum of six channels) music. To play DVD-Audio players must be specially designed to support the format. Until now, manufacturers of consumer electronics, announced a series of DVD-Audio, including home decks, portable players and Devies for cars. DVD audio has a sampling frequency up to 192kHz compared to a maximum of 44.1 for the CD. It also supports resolutions of up to 24 bits, compared with 16-bit CD. The idea behind DVD Audio is that alllows peoducesr give listeners a playback experience that is much more faithful to the original master recording, which was previously possible. DVD Audio discs have a much larger capacity than CDs. This space can be used to provide the highest quality sound possible, or for longer recordings, or to provide additional material, such as artist infromation, photos and even video, each of which can display a TV screen Don. Alternatively, DVD Audio discs currently on the market from the likes of Warner group, labels have the audio content in both DVD-Audio and Dolby Digital so they can be played on normal DVD players. DVD-Audio are navigable in the same way, when Polay video on a DVD player connected to a TV. Users can select the song requested by an on-screen menu, and an Internet connection, you can click the link to go to websites. These dual format discs are a good way to revive the market for DVD-Audio, while still relativley rare. The market also will be helped by the combination of DVD video and audio players.

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