Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hertz Rent-a-Car in San Francisco

I wanted to make a reservation for a three-day car trip to San Francisco. I called Hertz Rent-a-Car, where I am on the "Hertz Number One Club 'for frequent travelers. I thought I'd use a good premium for a free rental car and gift certificates from American Airlines for two days additional free of United Airlines. He provided reservation by phone. He greeted me politely, I was recognized as a member of the Hertz Number One Club, has confirmed my dates, flights, pick-up and choice of the location of the cars. Then he asked me what time I return the vehicle after the first day of rental. "I want the car for three days," I replied. "You can keep the same car for three days," said . "After the first day brings the car and take a different car for the next two days. The first day you will pay with your American Airlines coupons, but the next two days are paid for U.S. stamps. ''What is the difference? "I replied." I am the same person with the same member of Hertz Number One Club. I am the rightful owner of two award tickets, and I want a Hertz car for three consecutive days. Surely you will let me hold the camera itself, so there is no need to return to the airport to the center of my vacation in the Bay Area. ''This is not how our system works here, Mr. Kaufman, "she said." But it does not work that way, does not it? "I asked, appealing to their sense of basic logic, the simple interest and practice of customer care. 'I do not make the rules here, Mr. Kaufman. I just follow them. "What time will return the car after the first day?" Somewhere in the heart of Hertz , a group of senior rule to live comfortably with their policy states that "an airline, a good machine, without exception." But somewhere near the heart of this customer frustration, discomfort and disbelief unbelievable. I am client type that occurs in these situations. At the time of booking my first day "began, had a long talk with the top managers of Hertz rental I've found. He left me to keep the same car for three days. Someone Hertz Rent-A-Car was listening. The key learning point --------------------- ------------------------ - --------------------------- ------ elementary logic and customer service are the best rules of thumb for use in many situations. The clothing store Nordstrom, famous for its excellent service, simply tell the staff: "The rule is use common sense. There are no other rules." ------------ Action Steps ----------------------------- ------ --------------- ------------------ If the rules and regulations do not make sense for customers that need to be rewritten. If you can see the logic in which customers can not, it is seen that customers need refocusing. Ron Kaufman is an internationally acclaimed educator and motivator for partnerships and quality customer service. Author E 'of the bestselling "UP Your Service!" and founder of "Up Your Service College". Http: / / Visit client for more of those articles, subscribe to service your newsletter, or to buy a best seller, video, audio CDs on their customer service secure online shop. You can also watch Ron live or listen to him in

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