Saturday, November 28, 2009

How To Achieve The Best Sound From The Bmw E36 Audio System.

Speakers E46, E36 to E36 speaker audio Several people are the proud owners of compact luxury cars from BMW, the E36 or E46. The E46 was published in the coupe, convertible, coupe, sedan and wagon, even the styles of the station body. Although no longer in production, the E36 and E46 are superior automobiles that are a pleasure to drive. While you are driving, you want to hear something interesting, like music. The audio system of the BMW, which makes it possible. When it comes to E36 audio system, including speakers E36, E46 or speakers, you want to understand a bit about how speakers work, such as knowing the difference between assets and liabilities of intersection of the speakers, to ensure that you get the best sound from your audio system from BMW. the sound is produced by the waves that occur due to changes in air pressure. Fast wave vibrations produce high-pitched sounds, while slower vibrations create low-pitched sounds. Within the BMW system speakers are the different types of drivers that are built to better accommodate certain types of sound frequencies. Woofer collect low-pitched sounds, and while the tweeters are made to easily produce high-pitched sounds well. Midrange are there to capture all the best sounds in the middle of the range of frequencies. For each driver to do their specialized work, the first signal frequency ranges should be divided into low, medium and high. Speaker Crossover is carrying out this vital function. There are two types of crossover: active and passive. Passive crossover uses inductors and capacitors to break the sound frequencies in units that drivers can handle. Crossover capacitors are connected to the tweeter, crossover and coils are connected to the woofer. Both capacitors and inductors are attached to the midrange. Capacitors do a great job of running the frequencies that are above a certain range, not a great job as leader in the lower frequencies. Because the tweeter is designed to cope with the high frequencies, the capacitor feeds frequencies is better designed to handle. The opposite is the case of the coil. An inductor can better accommodate the frequencies below certain pre-established, and at low frequencies are what the speaker is expected to produce such deep bass lines of music they hear. Because the signals that produce midrange frequencies between what the inductor or capacitor can handle alone, both are connected to a mid-range to send the signals for which it was designed. For those who want a little easier "to use and the precision of the exact frequencies that will be sent to constituents, active crossover could be for you. Each driver is equipped with an amplifier, and these active devices break the signals before they reaching the amplifier. This allows you to personally adjust the frequency range you want to send to a specific driver. However, they are more expensive than passive systems. The quality of the ingredients he makes beautiful music in your car.

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