Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Integrated Ipod Car Kit For Audi Vehicles

iPods are one of the most successful inventions, if not the most successful inventions of the past 10 years, his inventions, one of the few that transcends generations. I have one in my family, my parents are two and even my grandparents have a (real struggle sometimes use). However, this demonstrates the opportunities, usability and functionality thereof. Because of this invention is "probably the worlds within 10 years most of the music collection is digital, with very few and only album on CD or any other physical medium. In this perspective, it is important to understand now the impact this will have on the present and even more in the future. There is a growing trend in the market for car audio and entertainment to connect your iPod to your entertainment system through the car radio. This allows access to all your favorite music and video (if supported) with the touch of a button. With the use of these devices is in control of what you hear when you want to hear without having to change 100 of the CD to go from artist to artist . Many aftermarket manufacturers already offer this feature with its latest range stereo. However, the vast majority of vehicle owners do not want to remove the OEM stereo and replace it with an aftermarket equivalent. This is most evident in the case of most of the owners of luxury and executive cars such as Audi, as it is more difficult to integrate systems into the market more expensive and desirable accessories. If this is the case not available more options than you might think. iPod Car Kit is available for the radios installed in the factory, among the best are the American equivalent Dension and Dice. These devices are connected to the CD changer can be found at the back of the computer stereo. When connected to emulate the CD changer, but allow you to connect your iPod is in the system. From here you can control the music selection of the vehicle steering wheel controls or the stereo and move back and forth throughout the album while keeping your iPod charged and ready for when you leave the car. Kits are available for the following Audi Radio Chorus, Chorus II, Chorus Gen2, Concert, Concert II, Concert Gen2, Symphony, Symphony II, Symphony Gen2 , RNS-D Navigation Plus, RNS-E Navigation, Navigation RNS-low kit are necessary to separate the MMI, MMI basic fiber optic systems.

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