Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More And More Luxurious Features Appearing On Non-luxury Cars

The automotive industry has always been a competitive world. Car manufacturers constantly surpass themselves and their competence in providing the best features of their vehicles. This trend is likely to continue and how younger generations seeking more and more technologically advanced features to complete your lifestyle. In the past, however, make a car look good and better performance, car owners to buy spare parts or deliver their vehicles to mechanics, or installer of aftermarket. Today, however, due to competition in the automotive market, some very advanced features already available on non-luxury cars. Some of these features one can find only in high end cars and vehicles not long ago, cupholders and storage compartments with heating and air conditioning. These advances were made in the past and made available high-performance luxury car, but more recently, by reducing the production costs of these features, the car manufacturers integrates this functionality on non-luxury car. The reason for the integration of advanced features for cars is the fact that most of the time, automakers are directed to the next generation of car buyers. And since the younger generation has grown at a more technological world, it is logical that the car you drive should be tilted toward computers and technology. An interesting feature that can be found in luxury vehicles these days is the use of digital cameras to help drivers park their cars. This is a good way to keep a car, passengers, pedestrians and safe when the vehicle. Another cool feature that has been made available for the low price is the vehicle's voice-activated navigation system. This feature futuristic seems destined only for luxury cars, but the reduction in production costs can be integrated into vehicles at the bottom. For those who want to stay connected with Wired world, car manufacturers ready to provide connectivity to equip their cars with Bluetooth capability. In addition to Bluetooth capability, which allows the driver talking on the phone hands-free low-end cars are also equipped with an auxiliary jack for portable music players like the iPod and Zune. The car audio high end are rapidly becoming the norm, even in non-luxury models. Some vehicles are priced below the luxury level, but offer more or less the same luxury features that were once occupied only by a luxury car. Advent of technology has made possible, and it seems that the trend will continue in the future, more technologically advanced gadgets are developed and be integrated into your car. There will come a time when those features now seen only in luxury cars, high performance parts aftermarket, such as brake parts EBC Active Brakes Direct will also be present in most common cars.

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