Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Should Cars Have High End Audio Cables?

For years it was well understood at the home of audio cables can have a huge impact in a sound system, good and bad. Choose the right cables and you can expect a system to come to life. Choose poorly designed cables, and you can always ask why they can not get your system come to life. Car audio, however, was a different story. While many companies still offer coaxial interconnect cables, most have realized that the basic design provides even better noise rejection of a vehicle. And then ... nothing. That's all. The innovation seems to have hit a brick wall with shielded twisted pair interconnection of car audio. The question arises: If the cable cars have high-end digital audio? To begin, we make a brief return to home audio. After many years of fighting a hard battle, the idea that cables make a difference has become a dominant ideology among audiophiles. But not only audiophiles who feel the difference. In fact, in our tests, the differences can be heard almost everywhere in the world, audio systems, even very modest. It just takes a willingness to discard preconceived ideas and really listening. So, if cables make a difference in home audio, there is a reason why it should not matter in car audio? The quick answer is no. This paper summarizes some of the reasons why the cable issue as much if not more, in car audio. - Cable length - the length of cable in general, do more harm than Sonic Many are under the impression that car audio uses shorter cables for home audio, and therefore need not worry about cables high fidelity. This is completely wrong. While the typical length of interconnection in an audio system is approximately 1 meter, vehicles are often used 5 or 6 meter interconnects to put the amps in the trunk. For power cables, car audio, usually using cables longer than 6-8 meters used in most home audio settings. - Environment - cables are affected by their vehicles on the environment represent much more difficult for the wiring of the house audio systems. Two typical sources of noise cables are electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Vehicles, the chassis is often used as a return path to ground. This allows noise from car components such as the alternator to be introduced into the audio cables via EMI. In terms of RFI, unless adequate protection is used, the acts of longer cable car, like an antenna and pull in more noise. A third source of noise in a vehicle is vibration. This of course is much worse than a car from a source system. Pear Cable is the first company to launch a car audio cable that eliminates the noise caused by cable vibration. Current technology in Comice Silver ิ TRIBODead interconnection is a layer of electrically conductive plastic that prevents static electricity produced by vibration, to be built in the cable. - It's Just the sound of audio quality for the home or has a place in Car Audio, too? Some people believe that a sound audio system will never be as good as an audio system, and therefore high fidelity cables are a waste of money on a machine. This is an erroneous conclusion. The music listening experience in your vehicle while driving on the highway is unique and can not be replicated in the average home audio. The end result is that many people spend more time listening to your audio system to your home system and wants to be the best. Bad Features audio cables (listening fatigue, poor realism, treble too bright, or noise in general) all still be audible in a car audio system. Like home audio, cables wrong with your vehicle kill the listening experience. At day's end, many people want quality sound in their vehicles. If you are installing a system of post-sale of your car and worry about the sound quality, you have to worry about wires. If you are interested only to have the strongest car, regardless of accuracy, and audio cables HiFi probably not for you. If not, simply makes no sense to spend money for amplifiers and speakers, just to connect everything with cables mediocre. Enthusiasts car audio are so serious, such as home audio enthusiasts, and finally there is a cable company that is serious about serving their needs.

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