Friday, November 13, 2009

Sirius S50: Combine Your Favorite Satellite Radio Programs with Your Favorite MP3s

Ever wanted to combine the benefits of commercial free satellite radio to listen to your favorite MP3 files, all while in the car? If so, Sirius Satellite Radio may offer the product you have tried. While car receivers that let you listen to satellite radio and your favorite MP3 music in existence for some time, a product recently launched by Sirius Satellite Radio is the satellite / FM Radio/MP3 combination to the next level. The Sirius S50 is a satellite radio and MP3 player you can listen while driving or riding or sitting in the comfort of your home or office. The Sirius S50 comes with a car dock that connects the main unit of your vehicle. While the unit is docked car, you can listen live to the programming of SIRIUS Satellite Radio, and any MP3 files stored on drives of 1 GB of flash memory. You can also pause and rewind live satellite broadcasts, and record up to 50 hours of your favorite SIRIUS Satellite Radio programming. This unit comes with a color screen that displays channel logos and wallpapers for you to easily identify the station being played. Care My SIRIUS channels feature automatically determines the three most listened to music channels and capture of each program. How to create playlists of your favorite MP3s? Well, you will find the Sirius S50 suits your needs, how to create playlists of your MP3 files and songs you recorded your favorite TV and Sirius radio. Other features of the Sirius S50 include: Toolbar wondering when your favorite teams are playing, a sports ticker with results up to the minute, 30 channel presets, a hop channel is a keystroke. Along with the main unit itself is also a USB cable, headphones, and the PC software that lets you download MP3 Sirius S50 from your PC. The software also supports streaming Sirius music channels on the Internet, which is free with your subscription Sirius Satellite Radio. Currently, the software is only available for Microsoft-based PC, all you Mac users will have to go home of a friend to download the music if you decide to buy the Sirius S50. What is really careful on this unit is that doubles as an iPod as an MP3 player, as you can listen to your MP3s and pre-recorded programs from Sirius channels with the supplied headphones with the unit. Sirius S50 can cut to the hip and hear their songs on their way to school or work. The unit provides up to 6 hours of battery playback. If you're in the market for a satellite unit for the car, the Sirius S50 should give a good hard look before making final purchases. While it may be a bit "more expensive than the average satellite radio unit (suggested retail: $ 329.95), which really puts those extra dollars spent to good use. Dwayne Wright Avid is a car with more than 20 years of experience in the automotive sector. If you decide to upgrade your audio system with AM / FM Radio/MP3 satellite Sirius S50 player, visit find a professional car audio installation in your area to install new equipment.

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