Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some Features That Used Cars Can Do Without

Buy a used car is cheaper. But because the premise that buying used cars saves more, buyers of used vehicles have an excuse to spend more on extra features and accessories that are not only expensive but also often unnecessary. The natural temptation? Features new car? used cars may seem attractive, but won? Do not do much good for their pockets once it breaks. To update your used car, check the following features. Perhaps you and your used car can do without them. Carputer is a general platform of the calculations that essentially aim your car to support a range of features. Just to name a few, the Carputer or CarPC allows the vehicle to play the video, providing location tracking via GPS, use wireless Internet through a cell phone or wireless connections eligible, even synchronize files between desktop and Carputer . Of course, the benefits of Carputer come with a heavy price. If you prefer to work and enjoy the benefits while driving, better start saving. High-Definition Audio System For lovers of music, an audio system is an important accessory for personal pleasure while driving. With cassette players obsolete, most car owners prefer audio systems compatible with USB support or playing a I-pod auxiliary port. Good car speakers also the definition of any audio system, and owners of cars / music fans can also mount two speakers in the rear and two in the front. But support high definition audio is no longer a luxury but a necessity. If listening to good music without bass and treble at all is enough for you, then stick to your existing audio system. Board Kit parts aftermarket are called ground effects body kit, and are designed to include the gap between the bottom of the fuselage and the ground. Vehicles, including effects on the earth in its original design that let you change the air flow to create a downward force on the car, reducing lift and thereby increasing control. However, body kit aftermarket only simulate the appearance of a vehicle in ground effect and usually do not offer significant aerodynamic advantages. Custom-unlike traditional hinged doors hinged door at the front against the edge of the door, hinged doors have set custom hinges located in unique locations. For example, the doors are hinged scissor fixed until the end of the windshield to the door open upwards instead of outwards and are useful in tight parking. Aftermarket conversions are becoming popular among car owners who own less exotic cars. If the custom type doors are elegant and a little "useful, the cost of manufacturing the door hinge is no longer that of a conventional door. Also known as the wheel cover or hubcap sprocket, the hubcap is a decorative disk in a car wheel that covers at least in its central part. They often bear the mark or symbol of the manufacturer of the car, but car owners prefer to have their measure. Custom-made hubcaps are usually expensive, and most of them have downward trend due to the success of packages in a bad way. Although conservation systems have been developed, the problem persists to this day. Instead of spending money on features and accessories that you can do without, why not spend money on parts that can improve your vehicle? Performance S or increase security? Keep your vehicle running time over a long period of time for the benefits of investing wisely and save money on parts to spend too much money.

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