Monday, November 23, 2009

SPDIF - Digital Audio Format For Consumers

There are many things to deal with digital audio to the computer, but to start talking about simple SPDIF. SPDIF, also known as IEC 958 Type II, or Sony / Philips Digital Interconnect Format is a digital audio format, and was designed to carry digital signals of the stereo sound card in your computer. SPDIF works on CD or DVD, stereo system or in your car. This format works on any other system that uses digital stereo audio. These two companies, Sony and Philips have designed this form within or part of IEC. SPDIF is designed primarily for use by consumers, which ultimately means ready to use hardware or equipment that would still be cheaper. This eventually means more equipment and audio systems that are affordable and can be transferred from one device to another. Uses SPDIF SPDIF Since also transmitted compressed data, a common use for this format is to bring digital audio from one device to another. An example of what could be the transport of audio on the DVD player to your TV room, home theater. Your home theater should support either DTS or Dolby Digital Surround Sound. This format is also used uncompressed digital data, which allows carry digital signals to other devices too. With this audio format, can transmit digital signals from your CD player to other receptors. It can also be used on a PC is equipped with its interface. The connectors of the cables may be coaxial and optical. Anyone can DTS or Dolby receiver can take advantage of these connectors. Transition Format Format Commercial professionals can say that SPDIF owes its origin in the professional audio field, with its norms and customs, he said. Its predecessor, known as AES / EBU, which is used mainly for digital audio transmission among the various professional audio devices. SPDIF is almost similar to AES / EBU to the protocol. However, the difference is that the Sony / Philips format using the connectors that are less expensive and easier to use for consumers. Coaxial cables and optical fiber used in this format are very common and more easily available. Advantages of the Sony / Philips format other than the fact that this format allows the use of low-cost equipment, but also has many other benefits for consumers. It also features noise reduction or immunity functions not found in analog transmission. This means that the cleaner sounds from the CD ROM into the computer. To make your sound completely the noise testing, digital hardware using this format, you can opt for a fiber optic connection. With all these features, we can see that this digital format was designed with the end user of the family in mind. See? It's not as complicated as we thought, right? All you need to know about this format and now you can enjoy audio in a whole new level. After all, understanding something is the first step for fun and would not want to enjoy music and other audio playing on your computer?

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