Friday, November 20, 2009

Surviving a Car Ride With a Young Child in the Car Seat

About one child or infant in the car seat can be a nightmare for some parents. If your child is a person who becomes stiff as a board when trying to strap him or her in a car seat and did not stop mourn to the point of vomiting, then you can find some of the following tests and After surviving tip to a unit of utility. 1. Opportunity For some children, there is an optimum time after a nap when his character and the mood is more flexible. It could be a window of two hours after waking in the morning when the child is more willing to tolerate a unit in the car seat. Determine what this picture is that his son, making note of all the times when the child was more compliant in the car seat. 2. Be prepared Make sure you have everything you need for your trip packed and loaded on the vehicle before sitting the child in the seat. WAN The last thing to do is leave the children waiting in the car while running home for a snack or an extra diaper. If your baby is breast-feeding, make sure your child's nurse enough before entering the car. Sometimes a little "of nursing time is just what your child needs to survive the journey. 3. Going into the car seat for children to take immediately the position of" table "when they spy the seat is required for keep them distracted with an activity and bring them to the car. It could be a favorite toy, a book or special treatment reserved for very special occasions - you know your child best. 4. Distractions in the car after receiving a child with safety in the car seat and survived the trip is the next task. The best we can do to stop crying is distract, distract, distract. As every child is a unique individual, all children respond differently to different distraction objects. In addition, different ages and stages of development require different tools of distraction. Here are a few distractions as possible can use depending on your child's interests and developmental stage: Keep a lot of interesting things to see a small baby. For example, the keys to the catalogs of toys with a bunch of pictures, record books, cloth books, etc. Generally, the child can manipulate the objects that occupy their attention for longer. For example, toys with a lot of buttons, lights and sounds will be more interesting and attractive soft plush. A popular toy is one of the flying cars that attach to car seat. The problem with toys that can be dissolved is removed after your child will not have anything to do. A homemade alternative is to offer your child an old wallet with a bunch of old papers, which is no longer necessary within. Your baby will enjoy pulling the cards one by one. Another alternative is to maintain custody of a CD with CD age your child can take one by one. Encourage your child to practice of torn paper is also a good activity, although a bit "confusing to clean later. Listen to your child's favorite music, playing a favorite book on an audio CD, singing their favorite songs or stories can be an effective distraction from an older child. Talk with your child in an interesting scene outside the car or on anything in particular that interest your child. Scribbles little pads that can be easily erased and drawn again are also great for kids who like to scribble. Keep a supply of favorite books that your child can navigate. Audio books or books with buttons, lights and sounds are also great. Favorite snack or special care for children who can self-feeding is an excellent distraction. 5. Claimed naptime When all else fails, try to capture your baby close to nap when you are too tired to protest. This usually works better to go home. Alternatively, if the fatigue only serves to fuel the protests, stay until the child is asleep before his palace in the car seat. Ideally, about ten minutes after falling asleep, you should be able to put your baby down without waking her. After that, we're home free. Traveling with a child safety seat may not necessarily be a breeze with these suggestions, but they should at least help me get from point A to point B with minimum scandal and mourn.

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