Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Audio to Text Conversion Tips

Audio to text conversion is useful for providing an alternative means for recipients who are unable to "digest" the recorded sound. People with hearing impairment are the main users of this text conversion.Other audio public cases that are not native speakers of the language of the recording medium. Today, most users require audio to be converted to text for publishing on its website. This allows search engines to index the material and return the results pages of search engines. This website traffic.Tips increases on converting audio / text: 1. Audio.If good use doing the recording, try to get it done in a quiet space. Never do an interview at a coffee! Kill environmental sounds exactly! If you have to do in your car with the windows! 2. Use the best quality digital voice recorders.The are amazing! Best of all, most of the DVR now supports saving audio formats like MP3 and WMA (Windows Media). I like to use recorders Olympia. You can check the digital voice recorder here. MP3 and WMA formats using compression technology to make the file size smaller than the CD format.3. Improve Audio.Let 's forehead. Not all of your audio has clearer audio sound quality. It may be necessary to increase the processing through the noise filters, amplifying some sgements, sounds or EQ for better quality Read how we treat. In this scenario, I recommend using Audacity audio editor NCH.4. Try audio text software.Try Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking. The disadvantage is you need a little training "to make it work. You still have to do after the manual editing rooms, but if trained properly, you must obtain 85% accuracy, or even more! 5. Doing it manually with aids.You need a good audio player with stop, rewind and fast forward features. I recommend using NCH's Express Scribe. Express Scribe is also compatible with the pedals so you can use your feet to make the audio rewind, fast forward , stop and start functions! 6. Increase your typing speed.If want to increase your typing speed, check out Mavis Beacon Typing Software! 7. reviewed, revised, review.You need to go back and review at least 2 times for better accuracy. You will be amazed by the amount of improvements you can make the audio to text conversion.8. Use software tools! Microsoft Word Spelling tool also checks the grammar and punctuation errors. Another ingenious tool is the " Find and Replace ". You can use this option to remove double spaces and convert single space.9. Use a style common rules for discovering transcription styleCheck the industry standard in audio transcription text.10. Use search engines! Some key terms need to be studied and confirmed. Use the power of the Internet. Google It! (or!) These suggestions are not all inclusive. Id love to hear from you. If you have suggestions for your account, please share them in the community and thank you for this!

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  1. You have some great information here on converting audio to text. Thanks for recommending Express Scribe for playback of audio for transcription. It is completely free and we are very proud that it is such a popular tool for transcribing. You should try WavePad Sound Editor for cleaning up your audio as well.

    Check out the NCH Software Blog for more news information and tips on our wide range of software products including a post on using FastFox Word Expander for faster transcription.