Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Best Way to Improve Car Audio

One of the best ways to improve the quality of stereo sound in the car has nothing to do with your stereo. Many new car models have a real problem with road noise, which is the noise from outside the vehicle. This noise makes it difficult to talk on the phone, listening to music or talking to passengers, while the new economy cars driving.Many get great mileage, but they convey a lot of noise outside the vehicle. Some of this is due to cost savings and reduction in total vehicle weight for better mileage. Whatever the reason, many new vehicles have a tremendous amount of "road noise" which opens through the floor and side door so panels.One to reduce the amount of noise from outside the vehicle to install cushioning material blocking outside sounds. There are several popular products Dynamat, B-Quiet, Cascade, and Raammat Fatmata. All other materials are similar products made from leaves of a soft substance with adhesive on one side, and that is a kind of semi-solid, semi-liquid. It is important to make sure you get good contact with the outer layer of your vehicle. This will ensure the best use of materials and absorb more sound.Some as his car hood and the roof can be very hot and it is possible that the team working at high temperatures without any problems. B-Quiet is a separate material that works well in high temperature applications. The material is very flexible and can be cut with ordinary scissors. Each manufacturer uses a different adhesive and some can give off an unpleasant odor for several weeks after installation.There three main areas of moisture. The first is the car hood, the floor and the top of the vehicle, then the side panels of the door. Some vehicles may also require the isolation of the trunk lid as well. Each area has its challenges, the door panels and headliners areas may require special advantage skills.Another to implement this type of material that enhances the privacy of your vehicle. The cars with little or no material between the engine and the road, and the seating area can be difficult to cool in the summer. Corvette are well known for having a big problem with the heat of the engine compartment and be difficult to cool in high temperatures.But the biggest improvement to use the material damping is to reduce the noise outside the cabin. Even if you have a stereo receiver and stereo speakers, background noise can interfere with the nuances of sound. And you can keep the low volume, which may also have a conversation.What 's cost of this material? Well, prices vary depending on the amount and the producer, but you can use about $ 3 per square foot as a guide. There are special versions for areas of high intensity of heat that can cost more and if you buy in bulk you might get a little price.If 'No more handy with tools you can find local installers of these products. The cost increases significantly, but can be useful if you plan to own the car for a long period of time. Or the next time you go get a new car, go to a driving test and determine if the amount of exterior noise. Of course, the high end models usually have better cushioning built by the factory.

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