Friday, December 18, 2009

Car Audio Systems - A Brief Overview

When you hear the phrase car audio, we assume that a person is taking for the audio system in your car or vehicle. The most common piece of sound equipment used on the car radio / CD player, which in general terms, is known as the main unit. This is what we usually upgrade as technology changes and advances that is the audio system changes.Up several years ago, most car audio systems were equipped with a cassette player, but later became a CD player. With growing technology, CD players now have the ability to play MP3, WMA, AAC, and there are car stereos that are equipped with USB slots.The Most cars have a CD player and others who also includes the option of a CD changer that can hold multiple discs. This CD changer can be accommodated in the car stereo head unit itself or stored in a separate unit that is usually stored in the trunk. Some stations now support DVD players and LCD screens that are designed to entertain children on long journeys.Speakers are also part of the audio system in your car and these are usually located in the front doors of the car and beyond the trunk in the rear of the car. A wide range of speakers on the market today, and like the main unit, technology advances have an impact on these.Another component system may also include audio amplifiers, and these are vital if We have a number of speakers in your car.As can see the car's audio system is not constituted only by the small unit that has on their CDs or listen to the radio, and these systems have more components than they do.

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