Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HD Radios - Still Slow To Arrive But There Are Some Available

Industry experts say there are now 500 stations broadcasting in HD. Twenty of them are also subchannels.But Multicast HD2 radio you can hear the HD yet? The answer to this is that it is possible, especially if you want to put HD radio in your car. At least four car manufacturers are already offering audio systems that incorporate HD technology. They are: Alpine JVC Panasonic SanyoPlus, two companies with high definition tuners that can make some of its models with HD capabilities. Eclipse KenwoodThe best place to buy one of these car audio systems could be an offer. A search of eBay turned a Kenwood KDC-MP4028 to buy now the price of only $ 109.95. In comparison, Crutchfield had the KDC MP4028 for $ 179.99.Online sources of information about car audio systems include HD Nextag (, BizRate (, PriceGrabber ( , PriceScan ( and Shopzilla ( In terms of price, NexTag is the Kenwood KDC MP828 to a minimum of $ 232 to E Shopzilla has the same units at prices ranging from $ 238 ( to $ 379.95 in the domain of the tent rental ( And high-end Alpine DVA-9965 is available from several sources at about $ 1078. Tabletop HD radios are still scarce. Boston Acoustics has recently begun shipping its HD Radio Receptes at selected stores audio. This unit is also available in Crutchfields ( OneCall (,, NPR (, and J & R (www.j& All four of these outlets were the unit price to about $ 499.Two other manufacturers have announced HD table radio - Polk Audio and Radiosophy. The Polk I-Sonic and Radiosophy MultiStream are both due out in early 2006. The I-Sonic is expected to sell for about $ 599 and Radiosophy MultiStream HD for $ 269.The good news is that new, low-cost HD boxes should begin arriving in April and May has a component 2006.Finally Yamaha excellent receiver, the RX-V4600. In 7-channel surround is available in stores and online on websites such as audio, Authorized Electronics ( and on As of this writing, the lowest price for what this unit is $ 1219.00. Two other companies, the ADA (Audio Design Associates) and Day-Seguerra announced HD receivers, but are still to provide any information about release dates or cost.So, for now, if you listen to HD radio, the I best is to listen in the car. Also, if you want, and HD radio for home, we recommend that you wait until April or May before buying.To learn more about this new technology, pleaee to my website, www., for all buzz.Douglas Hanna is a retired marketing executive and author of numerous articles on HD Radio, Internet, radio and the family economy in the old days.

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