Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to Prevent the Noise on Your Car Stereo

If you do not know or can not understand what "noise" from your audio system is perhaps not really an audio system yet. The fact is that anyone who has installed an audio system in their cars, you know that there is always the possibility that this noise to occur. What is that noise, if requested, is that the screeching noise, or even a slight disturbance that penetrates through the speakers in cars that do not belong to the audio track being played. There are many sources and different reasons why this might happen due to a stroke of power amplifier sizzle and many others. However, there are some precautions you can take while installing the audio system, reducing the chances that the noise from the loudspeakers of your car.How I keep my car radio to pick up motor noise? It is often triggered by striking a blow, but there is no apparent reason for the interference. The number of loops that are created, for example, is very important. This occurs when a sound field is created in places that are not meant to be. The chassis ground and audio ground ideally be connected to the source drive system, however, this is not always practical, even if this is what theoretically should be. However, most car stereo systems that have a problem with the sound system's speakers, there are ground loops, which was also created during the installation process which is responsible for all things noise.The Next you should consider is the quality of the audio cables used for installation. The audio cable should be fully protected and that kind of quality, of course, have to pay more than usual. But one hundred percent shielded audio cable will ensure that noise is eliminated as possible.Also, if you have the amplifier connected to the audio system for your vehicle make sure the ground wire that is used to install the amplifier is as short as possible can be done. The problem is created with longer cables, which will surely have more resistance from a wire shorter. Thus, the longer the cable used as a ground wire for the installation of the extension is the noise that emits from the speakers due to the voltage drop is caused by resistance.You can use noise filters available in the market. These filters help reduce noise is to filter the noise emanating from your car audio speakers. These certainly reduce the noise that causes the disorder, but do not disappear completely. However, if the installation is successful, then there should be a noise problem.

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