Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Installing An Amplifier Into Your Car

With the car audio systems many out there that is well tolerated ideal solution is the addition of an amplifier. An amplifier can be used for one of two things. It can be used to power the speakers are speakers in the cab, or can be used to power a subwoofer in the trunk of the car. Both uses provide greater experience.Installing hear an amplifier is not as difficult as many think. It is a mere 2 hours of activities that can be performed by anyone with minimal knowledge of electrical machinery. The first thing to do is connect the cables to the back of the stereo. This involves taking the stereo out of the dashboard so you can access the RCA connectors on the back of the stereo. Depending on the number of channels, the amplifier is usually 4 or 2, there will be 2 RCA connectors. It is necessary to connect these RCA cables into the back of the stereo. The second cable to connect the back of the stereo cable is the distance. This wire tells the amplifier to turn on and off with the stereo. Once the connectors are on the back of the stereo you need to run cables to the boot of the car. This is done through the cabin and can be hidden under plastic panels on the door moldings on the floor of the car. Once the cable has been run, you must connect the other ends to the amplifier. This is an easy task since all the connectors are marked on the amplifier. Once the cables are just connect the speaker cables to your subwoofer and speakers and check the audio. If no sound you need to run the theme and see where you are wrong. If the sound is working, progress is needed and ensure the amplifier somewhere in the trunk so it will not move while you are driving.Most car audio installers charge an arm and a leg to install an amplifier when it is very simple and can be done by many people.

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