Thursday, December 17, 2009

Installing Satellite Radio in Your Car

Thus, it has taken the decision to get satellite radio for your car. You bought your new satellite radio and now its time to get everything set up. If you feel overwhelmed, Do not Worry is their reality, much easier than expected. First, you need to determine the type of connection you use your car. If the radio is an FM transmitter, you can establish a wireless connection. Otherwise, you must connect directly to satellite radio to car radio. In both cases it is very easy to connect. When you open the window to his new satellite radio, you see the main unit, fasteners, magnetic antenna on the roof and a manual with the owner of an installation guide. These are the main things you get with a standard satellite radio and all others that are included depends on the make and model of radio has been purchased. Steps for installing satellite radio install The first step is to decide where the radio is to mount the radio. The radio can be connected to suction windshield, or dashboard with Velcro straps. If you are mounting the instrument panel, hold it in place at the desired location, making sure its clear of obstructions before attaching the Velcro. The position of radio in his hand, while you are driving, but also the manner of corruption and other controls. If you are mounting on the windshield, make sure that does not obstruct the view of the road. Then connect the power adapter for car cigarette lighter and connect the other end of the satellite units. The antenna is the last. The antenna should be mounted on the outside of his vehicle, which has fewer obstacles. Typically, the guide that comes with satellite radio system may have details for the implementation of the new cable car system. The type of vehicle you have and attachments existing roof to determine where to place the antenna. Creating a wireless connection, whether to establish a wireless connection, the new unit should have a FM transmitter. Although this method involves fewer cables on your new system, the usual sound quality as good as you'd get with a direct connection. The station uses the default FM transmitter is 88.1, which can not work for your area. You want to have a clear station thats all local radio stations C when driving between the two areas is a good idea to find a station thats free in both areas. Once you have determined that use the station, save the preset so that its satellite radio can tune easily with the touch of a button. If you use a direct connection to satellite radio has an FM transmitter, is connected with or a cassette adapter for car radios (lower quality), or via the AUX IN or LINE IN connections your car radio (better quality). If your model has no unity with the cassette adapter or audio cable you need, stop by your local electronics store and purchase that works with your unit. Insert the cassette adapter into the cassette player to your car stereo, or connect the audio cable into the AUX IN / LINE on the connection. Then connect the other end into the AUDIO OUT / OUT line connection on the back of its satellite unit. Finally, set the car radio to the AUX setting to listen to satellite radio again. Listen to satellite radio for the first time after everything connected, turn on the new disk and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process. Once youre done, youll enjoy your new satellite radio for the first time!

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