Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Learn A Language Using Audio Books

I remember the days of high school and college, where I was asked to sign for French or Spanish. Presumably, the ability to learn a language is to broaden my horizons, and gives me exposure to another culture. Personally, I've never been sure that I was asked to learn a language was a good idea, since the meeting in two years of French did not achieve this goal. My reading skills are satisfactory, but my pronunciation stank. Of course, trying to master the French "r" sound has made the week most of us do, and even then was only marginally positive. My friend has decided that the effort to learn a language would be easier in Spanish, but was clearly wrong. Somehow, the Spanish rolled "R" was not significantly more likely to sound French. This would have given then for a good audio book in language. Not only my pronunciation has improved, but carrying an audio book is by far better than the horrible language labs that came with a French class. In addition to improving my skills in pronunciation, audio books make the effort to learn a language more enjoyable. Most modern programs emphasize the give and take of everyday language, with less focus on individual words and other language structures rigid. After a short period of time is almost as if a lively, if sometimes confusing, the conversation that occurs between the audio book and me. I also found that the variety of different audio programs book allows students to choose the kind of voice speaking and the emphasis is more comfortable. Now we can learn a language like French (or Spanish) in a shorter and less painful than it did years ago. One of my favorite audio book using a course to learn a language is the ability to practice the phrases and conversations in almost any time. When I say that most people think your car is a great place to learn a language. The time required to drive to work is much more fun as a French guest or as a grandee of Spain in disguise. But I find the best time to learn a language from the audio book is my mentor when I'm in the kitchen. The time it takes to cut, cook and wash the kitchen is much more fun if I have to pretend to be a French chef is doing at the end of each day a conversation with a friend. Certainly less time preparing food for them. Once the language learned in my kitchen, which may branch and an audio book or two in French. I think we start with the fairy tales for children who already know something of the order of Sesame Street. In fact, I'm sure my ability to learn a language better than that. Perhaps an audio book is a translation of a children's book that I like. I wonder if anyone has been translated into French Madeline? Or was originally in French? Ah, oui! I have to go back to my audio book program.

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