Sunday, December 20, 2009

Playing Mp3s In The Car

If the way to work, leaving children to school or go to the supermarket, everyone has a favorite radio station to listen to while driving. If like most of its stations, which has a mix of music that is not hard to sing, and probably intended to play 90 minutes of pure music, without commercial interruption. But somehow, it seems that every time the machine starts at 90 minutes I just came to an end. Maybe it's time to stop advertising - and the 20th century - and after connecting an MP3 player to solve the problem stereo.To car MP3 playback in the car, there are different solutions. Cars with stereo systems old enough to have a cassette player, the best option is simply an adapter. Most any retail electronics store sells sheets of tape. These adapters are connected to the headphone jack of your MP3 player (or any other similar device) and a converter box form is inserted into the tape of your machine. Thus, the signal travels directly through the headphone jack through the cassette adapter, and then through the car radio, giving the large selection of sounds and music from a choice of digital audio player . Another is to get an FM transmitter that turns an MP3 player an FM station in miniature. This is a perfect background and requires a couple of very important things to consider. Most FM transmitters offer only the frequencies of some specific signal. Cheaper transmission on FM from 88.0 to 89.0 only. If there is an important station, the local neighborhood in the band is probably transmitted to this station from interfering with the operation of this FM transmitter. High quality transmitters give you the freedom to choose from a wide range of frequencies, making it easier to find one that is far from a clear strong signal to come on the car radio tuner.The last option is to have a radio factory card installed in the car, which allows audio to be used in its entirety. These cards are much more expensive than simple external adapters and generally require an installation can be done professionally. Although this type of solution can be found at most major electronics stores may be more appropriate for your site that are more readily available.

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