Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Playing Your MP3 Player in Your Car-Using The Video iPod Car Kit?

Listening to music has been around longer - no matter where you go, people are well connected to the headphones and listen to the phone or music. But what happens when we're driving? Some of the most popular ways to stream music in the car is through car's FM AM radio with a CD player. The box is well on its way out, and the new MP3 players - the CD is almost at its output also gradually replaced by DVD. But how does the MP3 player - for example the iPod - the hook in the car to listen? With online comments on most MP3 players refer to the iPod, it would be good to look at the ION Neo, iPod nano and iPod car adapters from Apple that offers a direct link to the radio - both factory and market accessories. The Neo ION is considered the best iPod car adapter kit is available to the public, because when it is connected, the car stereo buttons will control the iPod - the iPod is charging the mass - and the sound will be played in the car stereo speakers. Simple enough. Mp3YourCar.com can be purchased for about $ 100, depending on the machine, make, iPod, etc, which is done online. This kit is compatible with Apple iPod 3rd and 4th generation, iPod Photo, iPod Mini, iPod and iPod nano MP3 players. The kit is supposed to work with all vehicles - O - Most of the vehicles, as it connects directly to the CD changer port. The requirement that the car is to have a CD player in it, the car kit to connect to iPod Video 11.5 "cable directly to your iPod or iPod nano. Another end of the cable that connects the changer port CD in the back of your car radio without FM modulation. The BMW offers a similar car kit for about $ 149 plus installation $ 150, on its dealers. This can be found on its website. There are few other options for playing his car MP3 player. First, if the machine is old enough to still have a cassette player, and then we have the best there. In almost all shops that sell electronic products, have an adapter cassette. The adapter plugs into the reader and a standard cassette player will give a great sound and music selection received digital audio player. Then a person can go with an FM transmitter that plays your MP3 player wirelessly through a local FM station. There are some very important things to remember when considering an FM transmitter. Most FM transmitters to transmit the signal through some specific frequencies. The agreement only cheaper with frequencies 88-89. If there is an important station in an area in one of these frequencies, another transmitter should be regarded as a sign that undoubtedly interference. transmitters Others give you the freedom to choose how often is the clearer. Another option would be to allow card have a radio installed in the factory, with the sound to its limits. These adapters tend to be much more expensive and require some facilities necessary to do professionally. can be found in the larger stores retail electronics, but may need to be ordered online, where they are more readily available. http://www.mp3playertop.com/ out for more articles Philips Accessories for iPod MP3 player Apple.

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