Friday, December 4, 2009

Stuff You'll Need for A Head Unit Install

Things you will need an installation of main unit: Head of Unit Holders Keystone Supplies Main unit wiring cabling installation using car stereo installation kit (most times), antenna adapter (sometimes) optional RCA cable sources (If you are installing an amplifier), which is: Main unit: CD / DVD / Cassette receiver in dash head unit wiring trapeze: is included with the head of the unit is connected to the back of the head harness of the vehicle : purchased separately from the head. Connects to the vehicle wiring kit installed electric Stereo buy separately from the head. It adapts to the new head of the unit to the position of the original radio. Antenna Adapter: to be purchased separately from the head. Used to adjust the unit to carry out the antenna jack of the new vehicle from the antenna. RCA Cables: Used to connect the head unit to an external amplifier. Tools / Materials: Assortment of screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. Stripping crimping tools wire cutters to remove the panel tool soldering iron (opt.) Crimp caps or tape welding Basically, this is everything you need to: Head of Unit Wiring: To connect the unit to the head of energy, land, speakers, turn-on, straps, etc: To ensure that the main unit is mounted to operate vehicle auto vehic: To connect the unit to head of energy, land, speakers, etc. installation kit stereo: To mount the head unit car stereo position of the antenna card: To connect the head unit to plug the car antenna RCA: For connect the outdoor unit of the head amplifiers Tools: Screwdrivers / Wrenches: to screw and unscrew the panels, shelves, etc cutters: cable strippers To prepare: To prepare for the welding wire / CRIMPER Crimping Wire: To splice wires Tools for the elimination of the group: To remove the panels without damaging solder: solder wires to splice crimp caps: to splice wires with solder terminal caps: welding cables to splice tape: You may need at some point! Alan Bayer is an entrepreneur and car audio enthusiasts. He heads an eBay Store sales stereo install supplies: / honest AutoSound AEBS / He also has a great site with car audio articles (as above). Also on the website, learn about car audio equipment, finding the best equipment, how to install, and save lots of money in the process! / My Free Magazine can be found at www.honestaebs - / magazine.html

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